Am Pm
01/12/2009 Cold and frosty, thin high cloud Dry day, cold. Sleet then rain eve
02/12/2009 Dry start Dry day with sunny periods
03/12/2009 Rain overnight and am Spells of rain, dry 3pm
04/12/2009 Dry light frost Dry day, light rain from 2000hrs
05/12/2009 Rain overnight and am Occ rain, showers eve
06/12/2009 Rain overnight    Showers on and off all day
07/12/2009 Rain overnight and am Spells of rain some heavy
08/12/2009 Dry mainly cloudy Cloudy, occ light rain
09/12/2009 Dry bright start Dry at first heavy rain eve
10/12/2009 Dry bright start, quickly became foggy Fog all day, cold and frosty eve
11/12/2009 Dry clear, light frost Sunny spells, frosty eve
12/12/2009 Dry clear, light frost Dry day sunny spells, fog eve
13/12/2009 Dull misty cold Spells of cloud, misty frosty eve
14/12/2009 Freezing rain, very icy Spells of rain and drizzle milder
15/12/2009 Light shower 0845 Cloudy all day
16/12/2009 Cloudy cool Occ light rain showers on and off all day
17/12/2009 Light snow showers Occ light snow flurries- snow trace
18/12/2009 Cold, thin snow cover 1cm Dry and cold throughout
19/12/2009 Cold Dusting snow remaining 1cm Rain 3pm quickly turning to heavy snow 3cm by 5pm
20/12/2009 Cloudy dry and cold Cloudy all day, snow showers eve, slight thaw
21/12/2009 Snow overnight 2cm, level now 5cm Further snow showers 1-2cm falling, thaw
22/12/2009 Snow shower overnight, level 6cm Dry, then foggy, snow shower later, snow and sleet eve
23/12/2009 Dry cloudy, very icy Dry day, slight thaw, remaining very icy underfoot
24/12/2009 Flurry overnight, level 5cm Flurry am, clear eve
25/12/2009 Snow overnight 1cm - White Christmas Fog came down 0930hrs, temps falling
26/12/2009 Cloudy, very icy underfoot Occ showers, a little sleet at times
27/12/2009 heavy showers overnight, thaw Light snow shower 3pm then rain and sleet showers, thaw
28/12/2009 Cold clear sharp frost Dry frosty all day
29/12/2009 Occ snow showers Heavy snow and sleet showers all evening 1cm depth
30/12/2009 Heavy sleet and snow showers 1cm slush Occ snow showers am. Showers eve, dusting
31/12/2009 Snow overnight fluffy 2cm 4cm snow now