Date AM PM
01/03/2012 Dry sunny start Cloudy, shower eve
02/03/2012 Damp, cloudy Sunny periods, dry day
03/03/2012 Sign of rain o/n.shrs Dry PM
04/03/2012 Rain o/n, sleet 0845 Rain/sleet dying out, frosty eve
05/03/2012 Dry sunny frosty Dry day frosty eve
06/03/2012 Frosty start Cloudy building rain eve
07/03/2012 Rain overnight Shower of hail and snow heavy
08/03/2012 Dry cloudy Cloudy light rain
09/03/2012 A little rain o/n Cloudy occ spits of rain
10/03/2012 Shower 0630, cloudy Cloudy and mild
11/03/2012 Cloudy few spits of rain Cloudy and dry
12/03/2012 Cloudy Cloudy occ spits of rain
13/03/2012 Cloudy Cloudy all day, dry
14/03/2012 First Daff out Cloudy
15/03/2012 Cloudy some brightness Cloudy and cool again
16/03/2012 Cloudy and dry Rain PM and Eve
17/03/2012 Dry bright start Dry day,cloudy later
18/03/2012 Light frost Dry day, sunny spells
19/03/2012 Light frost Cloudy, rain eve
20/03/2012 Cloudy Sunny spells dry
21/03/2012 Dry mainly cloudy Cloudy all day
22/03/2012 Light frost o/n sunny Sunny all day
23/03/2012 Misty cool Dry day mainly cloudy
24/03/2012 Hazy mist thinning warm Dry sunny day
25/03/2012 Dry sunny haze Dry sunny and warm day
26/03/2012 Dry sunny Dry sunny and warm day
27/03/2012 Dry sunny Dry sunny and warm day
28/03/2012 Dry sunny Dry day, slightly cooler sunny
29/03/2012 Dry sunny Dry day cooler sunny
30/03/2012 Dry some cloud Some clouds sunny periods
31/03/2012 Cloudy, light shwer Dry day cool