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Welcome to Brampton Climatological Weather Station

Historical Data


Brampton Weather Station first started in 1999 as a basic "Rainfall Station" recording daily rainfall amounts which was sent to the Met Office and Environmental Agency. It 2001 it became a full Climatological Weather Station.
All recorded data is available on line in spreadsheet form. Use the arrows < > at the sides of the page for more records / formats.

Click on the year to navigate to the data required - please send me an email if you prefer a pdf format or any other information relating to the data below. I have noted that some of the files do not rending very well in Chrome but do work in IE. In time I will try and convert all files to pdf -

Brampton Extremes - all the highs and lows (PDF Files)

Rainfall records and data

Rainfall Records from around the area

Cumbria Climat Impact profile

PDF containing some known important weather events in Cumbria

Interactive Independant Climate Change Project