Welcome to Brampton Climatological Weather Station

Brampton Weather - The Site and Equipment

A look at the Weather Station and location. (see also page on Brampton the Town)

Location - 54deg 56min 6sec NORTH and 2deg 44min 1sec WEST

Approx 117 metres above sea level or 384 feet, 10 miles East of Carlisle on the very edge of the North Pennines on the outskirts of the market town of Brampton .

The following instrumental and visual observations once a day at 0900 GMT.

  • Temperature, dry-bulb, in the screen
  • Temperature, wet-bulb, in the screen
  • Temperature extremes, maximum and minimum, in the screen(both thermometers) are then reset)
  • Amount of precipitation 0900-0900GMT (rain in the measuring glass is then poured away)
  • State of ground
  • Snow depth
  • Amount of cloud
  • Present weather
  • Visibility
  • Temperature, grass minimum (thermometer then reset)
  • Temperature, concrete minimum (thermometer then reset)
  • Soil Depth temperature 30cm,50cm and 100cm
  • Sunshine Hours
  • Past Weather - brief account for the previous day, entered into a diary
  • Wind direction and speed.

Stevenson Screen - and internal view

Sunshine Record - Raingauge and Grass/Concrete Thermometers

Anemometer and Automatic Weather Station Davis VP2