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Cumbria Weather Report 1969-2020

The earliest record I can found is from June 1969 and originally written each month by a Mr Cutforth from Ambleside, these were detailed records and now invaluable. John Burton from the Isle of Man continued the reports in the 1990,s and the reports are now compiled by Andy Woodcock from Penrith

Below are all the months available to read via a "pdf" document and later as MS Word documents. Most of the reports are searchable but there is an odd one or two that may be difficult to read. At the moment we have 5 missing entries between 1969 and 2006, research is continuing to locate these reports and will be added to the page when known. This years reports are available at the bottom of this page when they added each month

The early records were kindly loaned to me my The University of Cumbria, Newton Rigg Campus and the dedicated team at the Library, many thanks.

Please feel free to use these records as you wish, but I would appreciate an email if using them for any publication over and above student research. Just click on a year of your choice and you will directed to my online storage box where each month will be displayed for viewing and download. File size vary from 25-500kb depending on method of scanning, but should only take a few seconds with broadband

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The records appear to be used on a regular basis, I would be keen to here from anyone using the records if they found them useful.

Usual disclaimer about accuracy ! please let me know if the links have failed or any other kind of problem with the documents.

Pennine/Penrith Snow reports by Andrew Woodcock

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Cumbria Flood Report 2005 - invaluable resource